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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Officially made the switch to the Austin Area Birthing Center today!!!

Well, we have EXCITING news today!!  As many of you know we are pursuing an all natural birthing experience :) and now that I am finally off of the progesterone supplementation we thought it was time we made our switch so we are leaving our Ob/Gyn practice and transferring our care to the Austin Area Birthing Center and scheduled our first appointment with them for December 6th, and at that appointment we will have the "BIG" ultrasound - where God and Baby Barber willing we will get to discover the gender of our Little One!!!
We are SO excited about this switch and we would LOVE if you joined us in prayer that we make it all the way through our birth with no complications arising that would force us to transfer back into a traditional ob/gyn practice's care for a hospital birth.... Only God knows the BIG plan and we are HOPING that it includes a successful, happy, and healthy birth at the birthing center.
The center is only about 15 minutes from our house and LESS than a mile from the hospital should anything arise during labor that requires a transfer to the hospital- and if that were to occur our mid-wife from the center would remain present with us through the whole experience which is a very comforting thought to us!
The center is beautiful and we have heard great reviews from others who have birthed there!  I know this is a non-traditional choice in today's medical world and if anyone has questions about any of it we would love to share any information we can :)

Here is a link to the center if anyone is curious and wants to check it out!
and there is some especially great info on this page in particular:

And here are some pretty pics of the center that I grabbed from their website to share!  There are three beautiful suites available and they are first come first serve on the day of your birth.  They also have a fully appointed kitchen, and family waiting areas for our use while there.  There is LOADS more info and fun stuff on their website if you want to check it out :)

Love to all! and more fun news to come! :) xoxo