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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let the Blogging begin!

Hi everyone!
Back to blogging!  As most of you know the last time I was an avid blogger it was to keep everyone up to date and in the know about my dad and his stem cell transplant - thank you to all our supporters and prayer warriors through everything- I know that "Dudley" is getting these blog updates via heavenly channels now and I take comfort that he is watching down on us and rejoicing in our joy as we anticipate our first new addition to the family!

That said, let's jump right into the fun baby news!!  We just had our 15 week check-up today and it went GREAT!  We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and it was TRULY amazing!!!  The mid-wife said that everything looked great and I am officially off of the bio-identical progesterone that I had been on and no longer have to have blood tests every week- YAHOO!

We have the little ticker at the top of our page that shows the baby's progress snipits, and growth in relation to which fruit it sizes up against which I think is fun to watch change! And there is also a "virtual baby cam" that shows the baby's developmental progress and growth ;)
I am going to post all of our ultrasound pics to date and I will start posting some belly posts now that I am getting my bump ;)

We CANNOT wait for our next ultrasound which is scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving where we will HOPEFULLY be able to find out the gender - and yes we are going to find out - i am DYING already - there is NO way my patience would make it all the way to the end - HA! 

As for the baby's progress to date - he/she is about the size of an apple or pear - about 4"-5" long from crown to rump and weighs about 2.5-3 ounces.  He/she is already moving amniotic fluid through the nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in the lungs begin to develop.  Baby's legs are growing longer than his/her arms now, and can move all those tiny joints and limbs!  The eyelids are still fused shut, but he/she can sense light already and has taste buds forming!  Baby can also hear sounds and voices.  The bones are also growing and strengthening enough that he/she is able to work on straightening his or her neck and head even more.  His/Her face is now complete with eyelashes and eyebrows!  SO COOL!
(progress info all from "babycenter" and "what to expect")

Now for the pictures!  
This was our first ultrasound at 5 weeks

This is our second ultrasound at 9 weeks - what a CRAZY difference 4 weeks can make!  To me this one looks like Baby Barber is a precious little gummy bear with the tiny arms and legs ;)
 side view
front view (gummy bear view)

and here is the video (about 15 seconds) that is nothing to look at -but DEFINITELY something to HEAR!! It is our first chance to hear the baby's heartbeat - beating strong at about 153 bpm!

Love to all and we will be posting updates and pics regularly and hope to hear from you guys along the way xoxo God Bless!

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