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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sorry it's been SO long since our last UPDATE!

So sorry to everyone that it has been SO LONG since our last update - I promise I will get better about it- especially now that we are in the HOMESTRETCH!!!
I canNOT believe that I am already almost 33 weeks!!!!!  We are now having our prenatal appointments every week and so far everything is looking WONDERFUL!!! We have a very active little baby boy dancing around and maintaining a very strong and regular heartbeat!!  My fundal height is increasing at a healthy rate as well.  There are not anymore scheduled ultrasounds so sadly we won't have any more "sneak peaks".... but he sure "feels cute" ha ha ha!  He is also settled into a pretty nice head down position - now we just have to pray that he is comfy and stays that way!!
Bradley and I are well into our birthing and labor preparation class work and have our "recap" class now scheduled in March and our breastfeeding class scheduled as well and we are very much looking forward to both!
At our last prenatal centering session we were actually with the group in one of the laboring suites and we got to do some scenario and role-playing type stuff as well as getting to play with some of the tools they use during labor to aide the process.  We also got to practice different positioning and techniques for the different stages of labor which was all really neat!!
We are getting more and more excited as the days go by as you can imagine!!! And we had such an AMAZING baby shower at home last month- can't thank all our Hosts ENOUGH - it was SPECTACULAR!!!!  and then my bible study ladies here in Round Rock also threw me a surprise baby shower that was absolutely WONDERFUL - between the two and EVERYONE'S PHENOMENAL GENEROSITY - we are SO excited to have our nursery so well equipped and cute and adorable with all of our new stuff!!!  I am posting some pics of the room and of the baby's current living place - belly pics ;) We can't thank everyone enough for all of the love and support you have been SHOWERING us with!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

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