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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi there!
Just wanted to post a super quick update - we are 37 weeks today - but, I suddenly realized that I did not post after our big 36 week appointment this past Monday...
The appointment went great - we saw another mid-wife that we had not seen yet so far and she was lovely! My blood pressure is still nice and low- YAY! Baby boy's heart rate was strong and regular :) My fundal height growth still on track! and we also got to find out that I was 50% effaced so far with 0 dilation - so, not that it predicts ANYthing about when I will actually go into labor, it was at least nice to hear that things are moving in the right direction ;) - we also had a mini-ultrasound (no pics) to confirm that the little guy is in fact head down which is wonderful and we pray of course that he stays that way... he has definitely "dropped" and his head is at about Station -2
here is a fun graphic to show you what that means if you don't already now :)
We are officially "clear" to deliver a healthy baby any time he decides to make his appearance so we are just trying to wrap up all of our "before baby to do list" items in the mean time. We are walking a mile every evening to help things along - I am also drinking my red raspberry leaf tea three to four times a day to get my uterus toning and contracting in preparation for labor! We can't express how EXCITED we are to meet our little angel!!! and in case the next question on your mind is "do we have a NAME picked out yet...." the answer is no....... lol - as most of you have already heard we were pretty set on Finley for quite some time and there is a sudden influx of little GIRLS being named Finley or some variation of that spelling and so now we feel like we have to retract the option...... there are a few others near the top of our list still but we have no definites just yet but i PROMISE we will let you know as soon as we do decide - of course at this rate that could be ON DELIVERY DAY! ;)
here are my latest belly pics!
Love to all of you! xoxo
Jessica and Bradley

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